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How Virtue Poker ensures fair gameplay and prevents fraud with Verisoul

Virtue Poker, a next-gen online poker platform, ensures fair gameplay by preventing repeat signups with Verisoul.

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Virtue Poker, a leading online poker platform, was facing significant challenges in managing multi-accounting and ensuring the integrity of their tournaments. The complexity of running synchronized, secure poker tournaments on the web led to developmental issues and inefficiencies. Additionally, the team encountered difficulties in accurately linking accounts and detecting fraudulent activities, such as players using the same device to create multiple accounts and access the same tournament.

Pain Points

  1. Development Resources: As a growth-stage platform, Virtue Poker needed to focus its development on its product, and fraud & security were distracting their teams.
  2. User Experience: Real users were worried about bad actors creating multiple accounts to cheat during poker tournaments

“Verisoul has allowed us the make a huge leap in security, both in increasing our detection accuracy and saving us time.”
Keith Dunne
Head of Security


Real-time Accounts Linked Detection

Virtue Poker relies on Verisoul’s device fingerprinting and account linking products within its Fake Account Detection product suite. After integrating Verisoul in a few hours, Virtue Poker can now automatically detect when a player tries registering a 2nd time or joining a tournament with multiple player accounts.

Additionally, before users receive payments, Virtue Poker gets real-time data from Verisoul to verify the uniqueness of each account and prevent fraudsters and cheaters from withdrawing winnings.

Dashboard and AI fraud analyst for investigation

For suspicious accounts that need additional investigation before payouts, Virtue Poker uses Verisoul’s real-time dashboard. Specifically, they look at:

  • Accounts linked: they use Verisoul’s granular match strengths and match types to discern strong matches vs. weak matches
  • AI Fraud analyst: they talk with Verisoul’s trained AI fraud analyst to get summary insights for users in seconds, rather than spending minutes reviewing every session
“The product functions exactly as described and the Verisoul team are very responsive whenever we have questions or need any help..”


  • 300% faster manual reviews before payouts: Verisoul’s automation enables Virtue Poker to proactively flag users with multiple accounts to prevent them from entering tournaments or cashing out
  • $40K in prize money saved: Verisoul has helped prevent fraudsters from stealing >$40K in just a few months
  • 500+ hours of engineering time saved by leveraging Verisoul’s fake account detection product suite out of the box

Faster manual reviews before payouts
Prize money saved
500+ development hours saved

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