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Proxy & VPN Detection

The smartest platform for detecting proxies & VPNs

Go beyond traditional IP blocklists - which are outdated and lead to false positives. Verisoul detects residential, mobile, and even never-before-seen proxies with active network testing.
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Stop bot, fraud, and compliance risk

Bot Accounts
Prevent high-volume attacks that require proxy IPs.

Payment Fraud

Detect attackers using proxies to impersonate users or locations.
Stay compliant by detecting users trying to evade geo-restrictions.

Go beyond IP blocklists

Real-time active testing
Verisoul uses 10+ active network tests to detect proxies & VPNs in real-time.
Eliminate false positives
Go beyond traditional IP blocklists, which contain outdated data that leads to false positives.
Residential and mobile proxies
Proprietary technology allows Verisoul to identify even never-before-seen proxy IPs.

"Verisoul's proxy detection is the best we've seen. We just replaced two other vendors and in-house tech with Verisoul's fake account platform. "

—  Conan Wang

How it works

Analyze the IP and device
Collect IP & device data and analyze against lookup databases.
Active testing
Conduct 10+ active network tests in real-time to authenticate activity.
Decision with AI
Analyze signals to determine whether the IP is a proxy.

Data to back up every decision

Verisoul automates the detection of proxy IPs, and we back up every decision with rich network insights that allow you to customize or build your own models.
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Read how Splitdrop reduced fraud rates by 82% with by detecting proxies

“Having used several other fraud prevention tools, I find Verisoul's answers to have a higher degree of accuracy and fewer false positives on detection metrics than others.

Before them, we were crippled by false positives - even our own team was flagged.”
Sean Whitley
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