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Account Takeover

Identify takeovers,
secure your platform

Prevent unauthorized access to your accounts and secure your platform from account takeover attempts. Detect credential stuffing, fingerprint spoofing, and brute-force attacks in real-time.
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Credential Stuffing

Stop fraudsters who use stolen credentials

User Spoofing

Detect fraudsters trying to impersonate your users with spoofed devices and networks

Automated attacks

Stop bots and automated brute force attacks

A product suite designed to detect multi-accounting

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Device Fingerprinting
Detect accounts from the same device, even across different browsers and incognito
Proxy & VPN
We run 10+ active real-time network tests to detect proxies & VPNs - including fresh ones
Device Risk
We analyze hundreds of device features to detect emulators, virtual machines, and risky devices
Bot Detection
Bots are getting smarter - your detection should too. We look at mouse, click, and touch behavior to distinguish bots from humans

Real-time Decisions

Verisoul automates your decisions, so you can block fake accounts without manual reviews, ad-hoc data analysis, or added user friction.
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