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Device Risk

Prevent fake devices before they cause problems

We analyze 1000s of signals about every browser and device to detect fraudulent, headless, spoofed, and virtualized devices.
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Stop bots, device farms, and fraudsters with device signals

Bot Accounts
Identify headless browsers and virtual machines used for bots.

Payment Fraud

Detect spoofed device fingerprints used for payment fraud.
Fake Accounts
Spot device farms, anti-detect browsers, and spoofed data.

Automate detection of high-risk devices

Works invisibly
Analyze the device integrity before users create accounts or transact -without adding friction or latency.
Detects sophisticated bots
Catch more bots & automation by spotting emulators, virtual machines, headless browsers, and automation frameworks.
Identify device farms
Prevent click farms by catching factory-reset devices, anti-detect browsers, and spoofed device data.

"Back at Prodege, we had an entire team working on fraud. Now with Splitdrop, we just use Verisoul.

—  Chris Mylan

How it works

Invisibly collect data
Collect data from the device and perform active testing.
Analyze the device
Identify data mismatches, find fraud breadcrumbs, and detect lies.
Score the device
Use AI to score the device's risk levels.

Straightforward scores, rich APIs

Use Verisoul's device risk scores out of the box or leverage our rich device feature detail to create your own models.
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Read how Adgrand blocks geographies and VPN & Proxy IPs

“Verisoul's real-time fake account detection replaced two other IP geolocation and proxy IP providers.

It took us less than a day to get started and less than a week to win us over. And their proxy detection is the best we've seen. ”
Conan Wang
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