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Email Intelligence

Go beyond traditional email insights

Detect fake and temporary domains, identify verified business emails, understand the email and domain age, and prevent similar emails and aliases.
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Onboard real, valuable users with email intelligence

Fake Accounts
Prevent fake & temporary email domains in real-time.

Repeat Sign-Ups

Identify similar emails and aliases to prevent multi-accouting.
Spam & Scams
Detect email quality, verified business domains, and email age.

The best email scoring in market

Disposable & Fake emails
Real-time AI agents scour the web, analyze domains, and classify websites so we can detect temporary and fake email domains at sign-up.
Email & domain age
Get detailed insights on domain and email age that enable risk scoring.
Email similarity
Identify similar emails and email aliases with AI matching.

"After finding Verisoul and integrating with them for less than a day, we had access to insights that would have taken us months to build. With Verisoul we get higher quality signups, and a design partner in helping us catch the latest trends in fraudulent usage. "

—  Eric Engoron
GTM Engineer

How it works

Call Verisoul API with email
Pass us the email you want us to verify and score.
Real-time testing
Validate against our network of data and with real-time domain testing.
Score the email
We score emails based on risk signals and value.

Real Emails = Real Users

Use Verisoul's email risk scoring out of the box, or build custom modeling with our detailed API response insights.
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Read how Clay prevents spam email signups in real-time

“We sensed there were fake accounts, but we were blown away when we saved >$175K and added $150K of incremental ARR by stopping fake accounts in just the first 30 days.

Not to mention the time savings by automating all of this with Verisoul ”
Yash Tekriwal
Head of Community
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