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Detect multi-accounting, bots, and fraud, with one platform

Repeat Sign-Ups

Prevent users from creating multiple accounts. Stop referral & promo fraud, free trial abuse, cheating, and blocked users from returning.
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Bot Accounts

Prevent bots without CAPTCHAs. Stop automated account creation, data scraping, API abuse, card testing, and credential stuffing attacks.
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Account Sharing

Grow revenue by detecting users sharing accounts to get around your seat limits.
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Spam and Scams

Detect fraudulent users, click farms, and content abusers before they impact your user experience. We spot spammers' signatures at sign-up and sign-in.
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Payment Fraud

Automatically prevent payment fraud and card testing in real-time before it happens. Preserve your chargeback rate and save money from fraud losses.
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Prevent users from accessing your platform from restricted locations. Detect VPNs, Proxy IPs, and data centers. Know your users’ true locations.
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Account Takeover

Prevent unauthorized access to your accounts and secure your platform from account takeover attempts. Detect credential stuffing, fingerprint spoofing, and brute-force attacks in real-time.
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Fake Accounts

Prevent users from creating accounts with fake emails, devices, phones, and more.
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"Until we integrated Verisoul, there were no solutions that allowed us to operate securely. We don’t know what we would do without them."

—  Jon Brovda
CEO, GamerGains

More signals = more accurate

Verisoul analyzes device, browser, network, user behavior,
email, phone, and more to make sure every user is real and unique
Device Risk
We analyze hundreds of device features to detect emulators, virtual machines, and risky devices
Proxy & VPN Detection
We run 10+ active real-time network tests to detect proxies & VPNs - including fresh ones
Account Linking
Graphically link accounts based on match strengths derived from browser, device, network, and email data
Device Fingerprinting
Detect accounts from the same device, even across different browsers and incognito
Know where every user originates with pinpoint geolocation
Phone Intelligence
Validate phone numbers are real, mobile, and low-risk
Email Intelligence
Detect fake & temporary emails, check for work emails, and spot fresh domains
Face Matching
Advanced faceprints can detect the same face with 100% accuracy
Bot Detection
Bots are getting smarter with AI - your detection should, too. We look at mouse, click, and touch behavior to distinguish bots from humans

Automated for you, frictionless for your users

Verisoul automates your decisions, so you can block fake accounts without manual reviews, ad-hoc data analysis, or added user friction.
Automated decisions
AI Investigation Analyst
Lists & Rules
Data & Signals
Automated decisions
AI Investigation Analyst
Lists & Rules
Data & Signals

Set up Verisoul in 15 minutes

Get an application ID
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Install Verisoul Script tag or SDK
Install script tag in 5 minutes on web, drop-in SDKs for mobile
Send Verisoul account IDs
One function call helps Verisoul link session data to accounts, so we can tell you who is fake, suspicious, and real

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