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How Adgrand reduced manual review time by 90%, saving 140 hours per month

Adgrand, a decentralized advertising marketplace, leverages Verisoul to prevent users from scamming its advertising partners.

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Adgrand partners with advertisers and market research companies to syndicate marketplace offers to its user base. Users of Adgrand can earn rewards by participating in offers, completing surveys, and more.

Adgrand’s valuable marketplace offers attracted fraudsters, bots, and repeat sign-ups attempting to abuse their platform and extract value. Fake accounts for Adgrand mean unmonetizable users, higher chargeback rates, and even lower trust from their content and media partners.

Pain Points

  1. Fake users & bots would sign-up repeatedly with different devices, IPs, emails to earn additional rewards; when Adgrand’s partners detected risk, Adgrand’s chargeback rates went up and monetization rates went down
  2. Before Verisoul, stopping fraud was very hard, especially in real-time. Adgrand managed 2 external vendors and had tried building their own in-house technology - it was months of engineering work and still wasn’t that effective
  3. Their detection process relied heavily on manual reviews, they were spending 2,000 hours per year manually reviewing suspicious accounts

“We spent 6 months trying to build real-time fraud detection - I wish I had found Verisoul sooner. Doing it in real-time is extremely challenging at scale.”


Real-time fake account detection identifies risky users

At sign-up, sign-in, at withdrawal, and before users complete offers, Adgrand uses Verisoul’s fake account detection to ensure each user is legitimate. Adgrand was able to set up Verisoul easily. They are able to block obvious bots and repeat sign-ups, and requesting additional verification from suspicious accounts.

FaceMatch detects repeat sign-ups

Verisoul’s FaceMatch helps Adgrand verify suspicious users. When accounts appear to be linked to other sign-ups, or when they seem fraudulent, Adgrand uses Verisoul’s FaceMatch at the withdrawal point to ensure the user is a real, unique human.

Client-side proxy IP detection prevents geolocation abuse

Adgrand’s partners strictly monitor user locations to enable geo-based advertising. When Adgrand’s customers leverage VPNs, Proxy IPs, and datacenter IPs, they disguise their true location. Before Verisoul, Adgrand used two “leading” proxy detection providers. However, these vendors were server-side only, simply providing IP quality lists; they weren’t actively testing in real-time for proxy IPs. This meant even simple residential and mobile proxies would avoid Adgrand’s detection and increase their chargeback rates.

Verisoul’s client-side Proxy & VPN detection runs active network tests to validate network quality in real-time. This enables Adgrand to prevent residential, mobile, and even never-before-seen proxies.

“Verisoul was very easy to integrate, just a few lines of code. It took us less than a day to get started and less than a week to get fully set up."


  • 90% reduction in manual review time - saving Adgrand 1700 hours per year
  • 2 vendors and in-house technology reduced - driving cost and engineering time savings
  • Proxy detection accuracy increased by 25%, increasing monetization rates and lowering fraud costs

“Verisoul's proxy detection is the best we have seen. It replaced two other providers - IPQS and ProxyCheck."
Reduction in manual review time
Proxy detection accuracy boost
Vendors replaced by Verisoul

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