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How Laguna Games reduces economics farming with Verisoul

Laguna games, a pioneer in blockchain-gaming - leverages Verisoul to prevent farming activity from destroying its in-game economy.

Use Cases
Bot Accounts
Repeat Signups
Account Sharing
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Laguna Games, a pioneer in blockchain gaming, faced significant challenges in managing and securing their game environments. The complexity of monitoring player behavior across multiple blockchain layers and identifying fraudulent activities became increasingly daunting.

Additionally, Laguna’s flagship game enables some forms of approved account sharing, which makes tracking fraud even harder. Jared, the head of player security, noted that he believes the Blockchain industry has been one of the hardest hit by bots and fraud.

Pain Points

  1. Bot accounts: Players create bot accounts to farm scarce resources and earn blockchain tokens in Laguna’s flagship game, Crypto Unicorns
  2. High Velocity of repeat signups: The Laguna team was noticing similar sign-up patterns and suspected that a few users were creating multiple accounts
  3. Buy vs. Build decision: As a growing game studio with ambitions to produce multiple industry-leading games, Laguna was faced with constrained resources. Most gaming companies are forced to waste valuable engineering resources on building anti-bot and anti-cheat measures in-house.
“It was clear we needed a more robust solution to keep up with the sophisticated fraud tactics we were seeing in our game."
Jared Ferroni
Head of Player Experience


Fake Account Detection

Laguna relies on Verisoul’s invisible fake account detection to find multi-accounting and clear fraud - like users that impossibly travel around the globe. With Verisoul, they’ve automated much of their fake account detection.

Behavioral Bot Detection

Laguna Games leverages Verisoul’s behavioral bot detection to analyze user gameplay to find bots, overactive clicking, and inhuman mouse movements. This allows Laguna to keep gameplay fair and prevent bots from farming resources

“I would pay $10K a month for what we get from Verisoul.”


  1. 70% reduction in fraudulent transactions
  2. 2x faster fraud detection and prevention
  3. 50% increase in operational efficiency
Reduction in fraudulent users
Faster bot and farming prevention
Increase in operational efficiency

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