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How Community Gaming reduced costs by 80% percent with Verisoul

Community Gaming, a leading online gaming platform, uses Verisoul to prevent cheating and economic abuse from bots and multi-accounters during its live gaming tournaments.

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Community Gaming is an innovative platform in the esports industry, enabling real-time online competitive gaming tournaments. With a growing user base, maintaining a fair and robust gaming environment became challenging. Players would manually create dozens of accounts, or even went so far as automating account creation, to get a leg up on other players in tournaments. However, existing solutions were both not stopping enough bots and also adding so much friction to real users that they were losing out on growth opportunities.

Pain Points

1. Cost: their prior provider - Arokse Labs - was drastically overpriced.

2. User Experience: Before Verisoul, their onboarding process included frequent CAPTCHA’s, which mostly served to frustrate real users and reduce growth - rather than stop bots and multi-accounting.

3. Resource constraints: Community Gaming wants to focus spend and engineering resources on growth and platform improvements, rather than on fraud prevention.

“With Verisoul, we essentially have a better feature set, lower friction for real users, and a more dedicated support team for a fraction of the cost.”


Invisible Fake Account Detection

Community Gaming swapped their expensive, high-friction solution for Verisoul’s invisible Fake Account Detection product suite - giving them a better product, more support, at a lower price. Community Gaming leverages Verisoul at sign-up to prevent users from creating multiple accounts that could enable cheating. Additionally, before users begin tournaments, they call Verisoul’s API again (for no additional cost) to retrieve granular details on whether any of Account A’s linked accounts are already in this tournament - preventing cheating.

Granular API details for back-end data aggregation

Community Gaming uses Verisoul’s rich, data-sharing APIs to catalogue important features and details about each user’s linked accounts, devices, networks, and behaviors for processing and review later.

“I’ve never seen an unanswered Slack message. The Verisoul team is incredibly prompt and responsive for our queries and challenges.”
Head of Backend Engineering


  • 80% cost reduction: by switching to Verisoul, Community Gaming can divert $50K + savings back into growth
  • 50% reduction in false positives and user friction: Verisoul’s frictionless approach to fake account detection allows Community Gaming to grow without frustrating real users
  • 100+ engineering hours saved on reviews and data aggregation
Cost reduction by switching to Verisoul
Reduction in false positives and user friction
Engineering hours saved on reviews and data aggregation

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