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Spam & Scams

Block spam & scammers, before they get access

Detect fraudulent users, click farms, and content abusers before they impact your user experience. We spot spammers' signatures at sign-up and sign-in.
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Platform spam

Identify automated activity, spam groups, and fraudulent posts

Content abuse

Detect content farms, bad actors, and blocked users

Scammed Users

Protect your real users from romance, payment, and marketplace scams

Tools and signals to stop spam & scams

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Real-time Decisions

Verisoul automates your decisions, so you can block fake accounts without manual reviews, ad-hoc data analysis, or added user friction.
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Read how Clay added $150K of ARR in 30 days with Verisoul

“We sensed there were fake accounts, but we were blown away when we saved >$175K in customer credits and added >$150K of incremental ARR - in just the first 30 days.

That’s not even accounting for the time savings for our team by automating all of this with Verisoul.”
Yash Tekriwal
GTM Engineer