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Fake Accounts

Prevent fake accounts,
grow without fraud

Prevent users from creating accounts with fake emails, devices, phones, and more.
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Inaccurate User Data

Solve fake leads, skewed user metrics, and spam email signups

Security Risks

Secure your platform from fraudsters

User Experience

Improve experience for real users by stopping fake accounts before they create problems

A unified platform for stopping 
fake accounts

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Account Linking
Graphically link accounts based on match strengths derived from browser, device, network, and email data
Email Intelligence
Detect fake & temporary emails, check for work emails
Device Risk
We analyze hundreds of device features to detect emulators, virtual machines, and risky devices
Bot Detection
Bots are getting smarter - your detection should too. We look at mouse, click, and touch behavior to distinguish bots from humans

Real-time Decisions

Verisoul automates your decisions, so you can block fake accounts without manual reviews, ad-hoc data analysis, or added user friction.
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Read how Clay added $150K of ARR in 30 days with Verisoul

“We sensed there were fake accounts, but we were blown away when we saved >$175K in customer credits and added >$150K of incremental ARR - in just the first 30 days.

That’s not even accounting for the time savings for our team by automating all of this with Verisoul.”
Yash Tekriwal
GTM Engineer