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Account Linking

Automatically detect linked accounts

Link accounts based on all of their attributes. See a real-time account graph that tells you which accounts may be operated by the same person.
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See how accounts are connected
with account linking

Repeat Sign-Ups
See when a user has created multiple accounts.

Account Sharing

Detect accounts used by multiple people to avoid paying.
Spam & Scams
Spot fraud rings, device groups, and click farms.

A fully managed account map

Probability-based matching
We match users probabilistically, resulting in higher match rates and fewer false positives.
Go beyond device fingerprints
We match users on browser, device, network, and email - so you get an accurate picture.
We automatically link accounts for you
Seamless account linking without the record-keeping hassle of Device IDs.

"We sensed there were fake accounts, but we were blown away when we saved $100K on fraud and added $150K of incremental ARR by stopping repeat signups - in just the first 30 days. "

—  Yash Tekriwal
GTM Engineer

How it works

Collect Data
Analyze user's browser, device, network, and emails/phones.
Advanced matching algorithms find links in your account database.
Linked Accounts
See which accounts are connected, and at what strength.

X-Ray vision into your account map

Use Verisoul's API and dashboard to see which users are connected, how we've matched them, or which devices have the most accounts.
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Read how Clay added $150K of ARR in 30 days with Verisoul

“We sensed there were fake accounts, but we were blown away when we saved >$175K in customer credits and added >$150K of incremental ARR - in just the first 30 days.

That’s not even accounting for the time savings for our team by automating all of this with Verisoul.”
Yash Tekriwal
GTM Engineer

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